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Our Top 10 Best Prams of 2021

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

With so many prams on the market, choosing the right one for you can be difficult. To help you out, we've put together a list of our top ten favourite prams available in 2021.

10. Joie Versatrax

When it comes to value for money, the Joie Versatrax is front of the pack! Despite being the cheapest pram on the list, you wouldn’t know it to look at.

And with all the features and quality materials you’d expect in a modern travel system, it’s a fantastic option for parents on a budget who don’t want to compromise.

9. Bugaboo Fox 2

Bugaboo have a knack for designing sturdy, well-built prams with a contemporary edge. The Fox 2 is no exception!

An ultra-modern looking chassis and matte finish create a fresh, current appearance. And with a range of canopy colours to choose from, you can add a splash of personality to your pram too!

8. Venicci Turisso

Another great value option, Venicci’s cheapest model looks anything but. This clean, unfussy looking travel system oozes style and class, with high quality fabrics and a range of stunning colours.

Venicci haven’t skimped on features or build either, providing soft suspension and great manoeuvrability in a light but solid package. The Turisso is a minimalist masterpiece!

7. iCandy Lime

Even at a glance, it’s easy to see why the iCandy Lime is such a popular choice amongst our customers. Lower in price than other models such as the Peach and Orange, it still lives up to the high standards you’d expect from ICandy.

Plus, its more compact frame makes it perfect for city visits and moving in and out of the car.

6. Nuna Mixx Next

Not only does the Nuna Mixx Next look great with its premium fabrics and two tone options available, it’s also built for adventure!

A super sturdy chassis, four-wheel suspension and a list of handy features make the Mixx Next an excellent choice for the outdoorsy family that love to explore.

5. Cybex Gazelle S

The most versatile and gadget packed pram on the list, you can configure the Cybex Gazelle S to your needs with minimal effort.

Adjust the hight of the carrycot or seat unit, add an additional shopping basket or even transform from a single to a baby and toddler, all quickly and easily!

4. Oyster 3

Although the Oyster 3 was originally released in 2018, it's still a stand out in 2021. Plus, with a fresh new range of colours and a magnetic clip on the seat unit, it’s been given a whole new lease on life.

Same old quality, fresh new look... it’s hard to beat.

3. Venicci Tinum S/E Stylish Black

Shortly before the release of their stunning Tinum 2.0 range, Venicci teased the Tinum’s new improved look with a stunning Special Edition.

Sporting luxurious deep black fabrics and chassis, with stunning rose gold details, the Tinum S/E Stylish Black blew us away with its classy, high-end look and fantastic value for money.

2. Egg2

With the overwhelming popularity of the original Egg stroller since its release in 2015, It's no surprise that the Egg2 features so highly on our list.

Egg 2 has stayed true to the design that brought on its predecessor’s success, but with a number of tweaks, minor improvements and new colours that all together have taken what was already one of the best prams on the market and made it even more special.

1. Egg2 Jurassic Gold

Okay so it’s egg2 again.... But this one really deserves its own entry. It has all the quality, usability, and features of the egg2, but with the added allure of gold detailing and the very popular Jurassic fabric in stunning black.

And because you’ll only find it in selected independent retailers, it’s pretty hard to get hold of... Psst, it’s in our stores.

These are just some of the fantastic prams that we stock. Why not browse our website to see everything we have to offer? Or better yet, come in store and see for yourself!


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