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10 Parenting Life Hacks!

Every parent knows that raising kids can be hard work sometimes. But these mastermind mums and dads make parenthood look like a doddle!

10. The Project Manager

Tending to the garden? Why not put your toddler to work?

9. The Nap Time Art Lecturer

Why let parenting interfere with your nap time? Throw an impromptu art class and let them flex their creative muscles while you rest!

8. A Strong Connection

This father and child have such a strong connection, they're literally joined at the hip.

7. The Time Traveling Visionary

You have to admire the commitment to the lie in.

6. The Hands Off Parent

I bet Mum went bananas when she saw this!

5. The Car Squabble Solver

A problem that's plagued parantkind since the invention of cars. Finally a solution to sibling car rows.

4. The Master Of Homeschooling

Paw Patrol? You mean La Pat' Patrouille! Who says cartoons can't be educational?

3. The Inventor Of The Tidy Tantrum

This is degree level reverse psychology. A true inspiration to all of us on the daily battle against mess.

2. Santa Spy

This is pure genius, pat your elf on the back!

1. No Change? No Problem!

We've all been there... That simple trip to the supermarket, or swift toilet break at the services that turns into half an hour on the merry-go-nowhere. Or worse still, the tantrum to end all tantrums because you don't have change for the ride. Not anymore! You cant argue with the paper.


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