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Grand Ex-Display Pram Sale!

Biggest Ex-display sale yet!

We have been running our prams and buggy sales since 2010.

This year, we're running the biggest ex-display sale ever with top range prams available in lower-than-ever prices. This is the biggest sale we have ever had, so it's definitely worth checking out if there's something you've been interested in!

06/08 - 07/08 in our Cardiff Store

This years Grand Ex-Display Pram Sale is taking place in our Cardiff store.

During the sale you’ll be able to take advantage of some great offers on ex-display prams, as well as receiving a great discount on all other strollers and accessories.

Top-range ex-display prams

Come and see our range of top-range ex-display prams! Great selection of leading brands available, including Venicci, BabyStyle, Silver Cross, Bugaboo and Egg. Every pram comes with a free 4D scan - so you can get to know your little one before they arrive!

Midwife available to answer all questions

Midwife will be available in store to answer all questions!

The midwife will be in the store on the day of the sale, and will be on hand to answer all your questions about baby safety. She will also be able to advise on prams, strollers and accessories.

Chance to get money back if you place an order for a Venicci pram

If you order a Venicci pram, we will offer you a free 4D scan, as well as enter you into a draw, so you'll have a chance to win your money back!

To take part in this promotion, purchase any Venicci pram from Cardiff store on 06/08 or 07/08!

Venicci Expert available to answer all questions

Venicci is a premium brand, and the Venicci Expert will be available to answer any questions you may have about their prams. This sale is the best chance for you to purchase a Venicci pram at an affordable price.

Every pram comes with a free 4D scan with BabyScanUK

This is a great time for new parents to get that precious 4D scan. You’ll be able to see your little one moving, kicking and waving its arms before it arrives, as well as get some nice pictures!

We’re giving away these scans to every customer who buys a pram at the sale. If you want one but don't have time right now - don't worry! We'll hold onto your 4D scan until you're ready for it...but we won't hold onto your pram forever, so place your orders whilst stock lasts! First come, first serve!

See you there!

Saturday 06/08: 10AM - 5PM

Sunday 07/08: 11AM - 4PM

Discount Pram Centre

​Freemans Parc

​Penarth Road

Cardiff CF11 8EQ


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