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Product Review: eggZ Stroller


The eggZ Stroller was a breath of fresh air into the stroller market. The eggZ Stroller is a high-end stroller that is designed and engineered with parents in mind. It aims to improve your everyday life, by creating innovative products that make it easy for families to enjoy time together. Well, I'm happy to report that they've done just that!


The eggZ Stroller is a very good stroller for your baby. It's safe, comfortable, and easy to use.

The Egg® have always been smitten with the smallest of details. That button; this stitch of fabric, those buckle clasps, the treads on that tyre. It’s the dozens of tiny individual decisions that make the complete finished product so perfect. When they had the big idea to create another egg® stroller they asked themselves - "how small can we go?" There are lots of tiny strollers available though, so they tweaked the question – "how small can we go without compromising the luxury, convenience and safety that the egg brand offers?"

The best part about using the eggZ Stroller? Being able to take your hands off the wheelbars while pushing it around because they're equipped with sensors that detect when someone has their hands near them and move accordingly! Now THAT'S what we call convenience!!

Build Quality

The seat material feels soft and comfortable for the baby, but tough enough to withstand regular use without tearing or falling apart.

The eggZ Stroller is also surprisingly easy to assemble - we had no problem putting the stroller together - there were no tools necessary during assembly which meant no extra hardware needed either – just a few simple things to follow through instructions carefully written out step-by-step.


The eggZ Stroller is safe for your baby. The eggZ has a 5 point harness, an adjustable safety bar and padded shoulder straps that keep your little one snug and secure while you push them around town.

Comfort and Utilty

The eggZ Stroller is extremely comfortable for the baby. It's light, easy to fold and versatile thanks to swivel front wheels, allowing you to manoeuvre tight spaces with ease.

The eggZ Stroller is very easy to use, it folds within seconds and can be stored anywhere in your home, car or on plane. Easy-fold mechanism doesn't require any additional effort on your part, making it ideal for both short walks in your neighborhood as well as long trips around town or even abroad.

Good for your baby

The eggZ Stroller is very good for your baby. It has a lot of features that make it different from other strollers and this makes it very special. The first thing we like about this stroller, apart from stylish design, is the lay-flat seat, which means you won't have to buy a separate pram and/or carrycot - this one will take you from birth all the way to 22kg! Another great thing about the eggZ Stroller is that it comes with a large storage basket, which makes trips into town easier because everything - toys, blankets, space for shopping - will always be within reach!


The eggZ Stroller is a good-looking, well-built stroller that will get you and your baby to where you need to go. Its safety features will give you peace of mind, and its compact design makes it great for parents who are constantly on the move, and affordable price makes it a no-brainer purchase for both experienced and first-time parents.


Whilst eggZ became an instant best-seller, it might be difficult to get your hands on it, due to high demand.

That's why you should order with a reputable retailer, such as Discount Pram Centre - simply place an order with just a £100 deposit, and pay as you go through pregnancy - with collection 4 weeks before your due date. You can also pay in full or with Klarna Pay in 3, and have it right away - the choice is yours!

Visit Discount Pram Centre to see the Egg Z, touch it, feel it, fold it, and get a free demonstration from our experienced pram experts. Click here to find your nearest Discount Pram Centre!


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