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Cybex Orfeo Stroller


Share the world with your loved one, one trip at a time with Orfeo. Ready for use from birth, this ultra-compact buggy has a hand-luggage compatible fold for extra convenience when traveling by air. You and your child can enjoy every step of your journey together, with special comfort features that make Orfeo a travel accessory to treasure.​

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Right at the beginning of your trip, the Orfeo’s hand luggage compatible design makes it easy to fold and slide into an overhead compartment on a plane or train. The moment you reach your destination you can easily unfold it in seconds, or sling it over your shoulder with its carry strap. 

An ergonomic lie-flat recline and the integrated leg rest is a lifesaver for emergency naps on the go. And you can count on a one-pull harness to get your little one secure in seconds. ​

Traveling by car? The Orfeo is travel-system-ready, so you can click on an infant car seat for onward travel by foot. It’s an ultra-compact buggy that goes big on comfort. Whether you’re boarding your flight, exploring a new city, or discovering your new favourite sightseeing spot, the Orfeo is there to help your family enjoy the most fabulous memory-making trip.​


Hand Luggage Compatible

A travel essential that folds small enough to comfortably take on your flight. The moment you reach your destination you can unfold it in seconds, or sling it over your shoulder with a handy carry strap.

Cybex Orfeo Stroller with Ergonomic Lie Flat Seat Unit

Ergonomic Lie-flat & Integrated Leg rest

Ready from day one, the Orfeo’s ergonomic lie-flat recline and integrated leg rest design provide extra comfort for your child.

One-pull Harness

Secure your child in seconds. One hand is all you need to adjust the harness to the perfect form-hugging fit.

Cybex Orfeo One pull Harness

Travel System Ready

The Orfeo is compatible with our award-winning infant car seats, giving you extra flexibility on your journey.

Cybex Orefo Stroller Travel System compatible


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