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Cybex Anoris T iSize Car Seat
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Cybex Anoris T iSize Car Seat

The test winner in the 2022 Stiftung Warentest & ADAC test. The Anoris T i-Size gives approx. 50% more protection than comparable seats, with safe forward-facing travel and more family interaction. All thanks to an integrated full-body airbag – a world first.

The Anoris T i-Size is the world’s first car seat featuring an integrated full-body airbag, allowing safe forward-facing travel from 15 months to 6 years. That is two years longer than any comparable car seat. After your child has outgrown the Cloud Z2 i-Size (at approx. 24 months), the Anoris T i-Size is the ideal successor. Thanks to airbag technology, you can choose more safety, more forward-facing comfort, and more quality family time.


Cybex Anoris T iSize Car Seat

Up to 50% safer than conventional forward-facing car seats

The Anoris T i-Size is the first car seat with a full-body airbag, built into its impact shield. In a front crash the airbag inflates in milliseconds to protect the child’s head, neck and body. Faster than the blink of an eye. This leads to a level of safety up to 50% higher than a comparable forward-facing car seat (Source: Internal testing using 2,021 ADAC front crash test criteria).

Direct interaction with your child

Do not miss a moment with your little one. Forward-facing travel means more eye contact with your child through the rear-view mirror. Communication is free, at an age when every interaction is precious for their development. Airbag technology helps you choose forward-facing and more family time with confidence.

Cybex Anoris T iSize Car Seat
Cybex Anoris T iSize Car Seat

Maximum comfort for your growing child

In a forward-facing seat there are no limits to your child’s legroom. Growing limbs have ample space to stretch out and move, for unrestricted comfort at every growth stage. Children are more happy travelling and even long drives are more relaxed. All thanks to airbag technology delivering forward-facing safety without compromise.


Cybex Anoris T iSize Car Seat

From >15 months up to approx. 6 years

Safety that lasts longer. A spacious seat gives children room to grow up until they are six years old* – two years longer than comparable car seats. The impact shield and headrest are both fully adjustable for the perfect fit at any age. And the inbuilt airbag protects a range of body sizes for unparalleled protection over the years. (*76 cm – max. 115 cm and 21 kg)

Cybex Anoris T iSize Car Seat

Secures your child in seconds

On-boarding is simpler than ever. The one-click impact shield is a fast way to get your child secure. No more struggling with seatbelts – just click in the buckle, fit the shield, and it is all done. Save time, save stress, and make every trip safer.

Cybex Anoris T iSize Car Seat

Reduces impact forces by 20% in the event of a side collision

In the event of a side crash, Advanced Linear Side-impact Protection reduces impact forces by up to 20%, transferring them into the car seat’s energy-absorbing shell and headrest. The protectors fold out automatically before installation – one less worry when you are getting set up.

Cybex Anoris T iSize Car Seat

Check your child is secure at a glance

A car seat can only protect if it is set up right. The onboard safety assistant helps you install the seat and get your child secure every time. LED indicators show the status of the ISOFIX, load leg, impact shield and battery. Check your child is safe at a glance, and start your drive in confidence.

Cybex Anoris T iSize Car Seat

Perfect sleeping comfort

Recline the seat so your child can enjoy a restful sleep on the road. A choice of three recline settings makes it easy to find the perfect comfortable position. If your child falls asleep sitting up, an easily accessible adjustment handle helps you recline the seat without waking them.

Cybex Anoris T iSize Car Seat

Safe and effortless installation

The Anoris T i-Size is stabilized by ISOFIX and a load leg, ensuring a strong connection with the vehicle. Installation is intuitive, with the onboard safety assistant helping you check that the seat is set up correctly and ready to protect.


Cybex Anoris T iSize Car Seat - Deep Black

Deep Black

Cybex Anoris T iSize Car Seat - Soho Grey

Soho Grey


Age range: From >15 months up to approx. 6 years
Child height: 76 - 115cm
Child weight: up to 21kg
Approval regulation: UN R129/03 i-Size

Compatible with:
Anoris T iSize Summer Cover

​- Car Seat Cup Holder
- ISOFIX Guides

What's included:

  • Anoris T iSize Car Seat

  • Integrated Base with ISOFIX

  • Impact Shield with Integrated Revolutionary Air Bag Technology

  • User Guide

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