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Ip-Op XL

Ip-Op XL is a practical, comfortable, elegant, and attracts with it's design and exterior that combines plain and padded leatherette.

Manufactured in Europe with the highest safety requirements, has been designed to offer the ideal solution at different stages, providing maximum well-being to the baby.

Bebecar IP-OP XL in Pewter
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Technical Features

Bebecar iPOP Chassis

A- The ergonomic rubber coated handle is removable and height-adjustable.

B- 'Rolling' fold system, for smooth opening and folding. 

C- Swivel or straighten the wheels with one touch of a button, no need to touch the wheels. 

Bebecar iPOP Chassis

D- Linked brakes on rear wheels.

E- Rear wheels with ball bearings and adjustable suspension, for a smooth ride. 

F- Front and Rear wheels are easy to attach and detach for more compact folding. 

Bebecar iPOP Chassis

G- Front wheels with swivelling mono-arms and ball Barings for greater manoeuvrability.

H- Fit the carrycot, pushchair seat or car seat easily, without adapters. 

I- Large shopping basket


Polished Pebble


Dove Grey

Rose Blush

Baby Blue

Iced Mocha

Silver Grey

White Delight



Bebecar Ip-Op XL in Iced Mocha

Chassis Opened

Width - 62cm
Height - 100cm
Depth - 98cm

Chassis Closed

Width - 62cm
Height - 84cm
Depth - 34cm


Accessories available to order online

in-stock & available for 24h delivery (if ordered before 2PM)

Bebecar IPOP Pram in Rose Blush
RRP £1175