Ribbons, Rosettes & Fur! The Pram Accessories are here!

We have sourced high and low for high quality pram accessories. Style and quality have been at the heart of what we searched for, we think we've found the perfect set to compliment any pram.

First up are our classic fax-fur pram furs. These are think, high quality pram furs that can be attached to most pram hoods. They come with ties or elastic to help attach to your pram. We currently have 4 different colours; white, brown, light brown and grey. These are available across all our stores.

Next are our new pram rosettes, the are locally sourced (hand made in Wales!). The come in a range of different colours. All have a large magnetic to easily attach them to most pram hoods. As they are hand made, no rosettes are the same. We have them in all our stores, stock levels can be a bit unpredictable... so if you see them, be sure to get one!

Last are the new handmade pram ribbons! These comes from the same designer as our pram rosettes. Again, they include a large high quality magnet to keep the ribbon attached to the pram hood. They current come in three colours, blue, pink and silver. Stock of these are always limited, so be to sure buy one when you see them!

At the Discount Pram Centre, we pride ourselves in brining the latest high quality prams and accessories to South Wales. We think these sets of pram accessories will make your pram truly unique!


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