The ride-on platform that started it all.

The Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi fits more than 99% of pushchairs, prams and strollers. It's the most convenient way to move by foot with more than one child (no need for a double buggy), and your toddler will enjoy the ride!

  • No need for a double pushchair!
    Buggy Board is an affordable, practical and safe alternative to a double pushchair, it creates a platform on which an older sibling can stand when their legs get tired.

  • Fits 99% of pushchairs.
    The patented Lascal Easy-fit connection system allows the Buggy Board to fit quickly and easily to 99% of pushchairs.

  • Safe and secure.
    With a large anti-slip surface, side protection, reflective decals and a firm, comfortable platform, Buggy Board keeps your child safely between your arms in crowds and high traffic areas.

  • Easy to use and manoeuvrable.
    Going around corners, over kerbs and through doorways is easy with Buggy Board’s precision engineering and built-in suspension. When not in use, the Buggy Board® simply hooks up and out of the way.