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You'll remember your baby's first movements for the rest of your life. The first smile, step, and word followed. Get to know the stroller before you go on your first walk together.
Insevio Dolphin was created for modern parents who value innovative solutions and enjoy an active lifestyle. Exactly like you.

Size Control

Parents can use this practical and comfy size control mattress to keep track of their child's height on a daily basis. It also ensures that the body is in a healthy, secure, and pleasant position.

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Flow Max 360º

On hot days, the carrycot ventilation system provides optimal comfort for your child when going on a walk. A wide field of vision is also important, especially as the child learns to actively react visually to the environment.


Before you take your baby on their first trip to show them the world, read the technical data for the individual elements of the Insevio Dolphin 2in1 stroller

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Extra Features

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Carrycot with Frame

L: 92cm, W: 58cm, H: 112cm

11.9 Kg

fold out sun visor

FlowMax 360º ventilation


Seat Unit

L: 90cm, W: 32cm, H: 50cm

3.5 Kg

fold out sun visor

adjustable footrest

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