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In Face to Me, your little treasure will be as near to you as possible, while sleeping in the own bed. The advantage for you, as parents, is that you can calm your little one down fast during the night. In addition, mum has it also a great deal easier when she needs to feed the little dreamer at night.

pink face to me
pink face to me

beige face to me
beige face to me

grey face to me
grey face to me

pink face to me
pink face to me


Face To Me

  • The bedside cot with the highest adjustment level

  • Individually adjustable bedside cot up to 86 cm

  • Ideal for box-spring beds

  • Lowerable lateral part

  • Tilt-resistant frame

  • Flat folding

Super Snuggly

In this lovely and cosy cot, new borns will feel secure and at ease from the very beginning. A comfy mattress, border made of peluche and side part in net fabric offer your little one maximum comfort from the very first moment.



The bedside cot can be removed from the chassis and then folded away flatly. The chassis can also be folded down and thus stored away in a space-saving manner. Ideal also for travels.

For All Bedsides

Face to Me is the perfect solution for new born and the ideal bedside cot for box spring beds up to 86 cm. Thanks to the 5x-height adjustment and the additional lowerable side part, Face to Me can also be used for any other kind of bed.