Aton M 

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11-position height-adjustable

11-position height-adjustable for the perfect fit and maximum safety. The 11-position height-adjustment allows the seat to grow with the child and offers extremely long usability. The head and shoulder protectors grow with the personal space requirements of the child.

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Removable new born inlay

For a near lie-flat position for premature and small babies.

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Travel System

Compatible with CYBEX, as well as with a wide range of other brands.

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M-Line Modular System

This lightweight infant car seat fulfils the latest safety standards and completes the 'family-system' together with the Base M and the Sirona M2 I-Size offering one base for two car seats.

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L.S.P. System

The Linear Side-impact Protection (L.S.P. System) provides extra safety in the event of a side-impact collision. The Linear Side-impact Protection System (L.S.P. System) systematically absorbs the force of a side-impact collision in a linear series of reactions through the use of the shoulder and head protectors. At the same time, the body’s kinetic energy caused by the impact is absorbed at a very early stage and the head is actively led into a safe position.

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Integrated XXL Sun Canopy

Integrated XXL Sun Canopy with UPF50+ sun protection.

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Energy-absorbing shell

Absorbs the forces of an impact and protectively covers the baby.


UN R44/04



Gr. 0+


0 - 13 kg


From birth up to approx. 24 months

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